Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hotel..tokio , of course! na naa.. Well tokio hotel fans are everywhere! Also betweeo us they are.. Looks like cool person,true fan. Would die for tokio hotel!! It just sad that i dont get a chance to talk to her..or him.. Im confused becouse she is a girl i think but looks like a bass player from TH.. Well its like he/she or she/he :p damn...


Anonymous said...

just randomly looked at your Blog ;)
this is Liz form the TH UK street team as you see xD
she's running arund as Tom-the guitarist by the way ;)
speak to her-she's nice^^

Lesley said...

She is my daughter :) She's dressing as Tom to attract attention to Tokio Hotel and their UK Street Team!

If you want to talk to her, just go and say hi. She's really very nice, I promise :)

Ivy_Insanity said...

Tokio Hotel fur immer!!
you are so crazy!!